What Does It Mean To DreamFreely?

The internet has done nothing if it has not brought together conversations, forcing even the concept of a newspaper to become antiquated (along with the economic notion of rational consumers). In doing so, our ability to empathize has become requisite in order to make sense of current events, as they will not always align with the cognitive or emotional structures of our upbringings.

Though there are human commonalities that can provide both the blueprints and raw materials for building bridges between once divergent conversations. Dreaming is an act that can help us put priorities in perspective, help us understand the prioritization of another. We all dream. While we might not always agree; we can no longer afford to ignore our differences.

Through our dreams, through our respect for the common capacity to dream, to escape the confines of our present moment and imagine something else, we can learn to see obstacles through a variety of lenses and perspectives.